From Italy, a Stack of Drawers That Transforms Into a Spiral Staircase

Italian company Bpiu (no idea how that’s pronounced) is a metal forming company in Tuscany, Italy, providing laser cutting and bending services. Unusually, they also manufacture a singular product: Eclettica, a stack of drawers that transforms into a spiral staircase.

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Their creation is “an original design object in large rooms and a unique and prestigious one in smaller places,” they write. “The ECLETTICA technology optimises the spaces allowing for maximum exploitation of the volumes: vertically thanks to the compartment/drawer steps and horizontally for the complete closure position of the stairs.”

The unit can be operated manually, or electrically at the push of a button. Let’s just hope that when you hit that button, the staircase doesn’t play the same music that’s in the video:

Source: core77

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