Frosty Fights Back

Petersburg, Kentucky resident Cody Lutz built a giant snowman with his visiting fiance and future sister-in-law after a sizable snowfall over the weekend. They used a large tree stump for the base of the Goliath sized Frosty.

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Lutz came home on Monday to find a set of tire tracks in his yard leading directly to the snowman. The trunk was exposed, and in the snow was not a snow angel but the imprint of the culprit’s bumper.

“Apparently, Frosty had been handing out life lessons to surprised 4×4 vandals. You reap what you sow! Still standing and still smiling — he certainly had the last laugh!” Lutz said.

I hope the vandal(s) learned a valuable lesson, ya don’t mess with Frosty. -via Yahoo Lifestyle

Source: neatorama

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