FUELL Fllow E-Motorcycle Charges Fast, Accelerates Even Faster

FUELL Fllow E-Motorcycle Charges Fast, Accelerates Even Faster

The FUELL Fllow electric motorcycle is the brainchild of Erik Buell (explaining the twice-as-nice double “L” branding), an e-moto designed to steer away from classic motorcycle architecture with a battery-powered powertrain delivering the best of both worlds of performance and efficiency, both as an agile commuter and thrilling weekend joyride.

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Side profile view of FUELL Flllow electric motorscycle.

Erik Buell’s reputation is already set within motorcycle history as both an innovator and capable engineer. As the Founder and CTO of the Buell Motorcycle Company, a company which eventually merged with Harley-Davidson from 1993 to 2009, he brings decades of expertise from the dimming era of gas-powered motorcycles. His newest endeavor is instead inspired by the desire to re-invent the motorcycle and reignite the pleasure “of riding a meaningful machine in an urban environment with pollution constraints/legislation.” In other words, a vehicle that can go far and fast, but without the polluting element of a gas-powered engine.

FUELL electric motorcycle digital display with green FUELL logo on screen.

Fllow’s dashboard is connected to the rider’s via FUELL app, offering ignition by app (you can always use an included Key Fob), location, charge level, alarm notification, storage access, charging port, navigation, service manual, and maintenance alerts, and the ability to contact FUELL for support.

Fuell Fllow electric motorcycle parked side-by-side next to electric bicycle.

The Fllow with its electric bicycle counterpart, the Flluid.

The sleek and minimalistic FUELL Fllow is powered by a 10Kwh battery, good for an urban range of 150 miles and a top speed of 85mph; the e-moto’s 47hp wheel motor may seem modest, but weighing just 400lbs it’s capable of some “hold onto your britches” performance – 553lb-ft of torque acceleration.

Side-angled profile view of FUELL Flllow electric motorscycle.

Not only is the e-moto fast off the line, but thanks to its high voltage architecture the Fllow is engineered to juice back up in less than 30 minutes (Fllow notes because you’ll never really charge the battery to 100%, but rather from 20% to 90% usually, the real charging time is around 15 minutes).

And because this was designed from the ground up as a commuter solution, FUELL has been thoughtful enough to include enough storage for a helmet and laptop bag.

Rear angled view of FUELL Fllow electric motorcycle outdoors parked on sidewalk with stairs in background..

Like other electric vehicles already here and looming on the horizon, the Fllow is designed to be upgraded via software and with modular upgrades, including a battery pack module with onboard charger, rear wheel motor, and fast charging socket. And like many new proposed designs, the Fllow is launching first as a pre-order, crowdfunded campaign, with a $2,000 discount off a $11,995 MSRP, but also including a matching FUELL carbon helmet by Veldt to sweeten the deal. Additional info here.

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