"Fully Immersive" Workstation Looks Like a Desk Someone Doesn't Want You to Escape From

Employers now have electronic ways to detect if you’re really at your desk and working. Webcam access, keystroke detection and even sensors in the chair or desk have all been rolled out.

Why not just solve the problem with physical design? Computer hardware manufacturer Cooler Master has. Their Orb X is a “fully immersive multi-purpose semi-enclosed station” that, in practice, makes it difficult for you to actually exit the desk.

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I mean, not being able to get out of the desk is not what they’re going for, marketing-wise; instead they write “Integrating different technologies and features, ORB X enables users to embark on their immersive journey while staying productive and competitive for the long haul.”

But c’mon, read between the lines, people! How hard would it be to make the mechanism for that pivoting desk a bit sticky? Maybe the motor for the descending “dome enclosure” goes on the fritz, and the weight of the three 27″ flatscreens makes it too heavy to lift manually? Or the leg recliner won’t retract, making it impossible for you to stand and get any escape leverage?

In any case, there’s no price announced, nor even a release date; just a sign-up to get notified. Don’t worry, your boss has probably already signed up.

Source: core77

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