Fun With LEGO Spring-Loaded Shooters

LEGO makes a very special kind of brick that can shoot objects out forcefully. These spring-loaded shooters work on the same simple principle as a ballpoint pen that clicks open and shut. Simple, but still fun. And like any cool toy, someone will go way overboard with them for our entertainment. Brickstory Builds collected 400 of these shooter bricks, and just as many projectiles to shoot out of them. How many different ways can he fire them en masse? Who is he going to shoot them at? Anyone who has 400 shooters will have plenty of LEGO figures to select from. He starts with a tower, then a train attacking Star Wars droids, and moves to ever more elaborate artillery constructions until he goes up against a truly menacing monster.

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I used to lament how LEGO went from basic brick sets that required imagination to make anything to complex sets that make one thing and you have to follow pages of instructions. But there will always be people who think outside the box, literally, to brings us nonsense like this.  -via Born in Space

Source: neatorama

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