Funny Action Figures Imagine Bruce Lee Playing Pranks on Freddie Mercury

Legendary martial artist Bruce Lee and iconic singer Freddie Mercury might seem like an unlikely pair, but in the world of action figures, the two are a hilariously perfect match. Twitter user Suekichiii follows a long tradition of people who arrange and snap action figure photos, but this imaginative toy enthusiast has given the genre an unexpected twist by creating this odd couple and the misadventures they have together.

Suekichiii posts all of Lee and Mercury’s silly interactions on Twitter. Each tweet is like looking at a photographic comic strip, and they each contain four sequential images that have a beginning, two middle actions, and a punchline. In one colorful example, Mercury is pictured opening a drawer in a traditional-style Japanese home. As the drawer is fully extended, Mercury gets a surprise—it’s Lee, trying to frighten him by furiously waving his arms. Lee’s scare tactic works; in the last panel, an emotional Mercury is quickly closing the drawer on the goofy martial artist.

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The two action figures share more than pranks—although you’ll see a lot of that in Suekichiii’s work. Since they are imagined as roommates, Mercury and Lee also play a lot of video games, and they have a good laugh together celebrating special moments. Stay up-to-date with their latest antics by following Suekichiii on Twitter.

In an ongoing series of funny action figure photos, Twitter user Suekichiii imagines what it’d be like if Bruce Lee and Freddie Mercury lived together.

One thing is for sure: there’d be a lot of pranks…

… and video games…

… as well as odd surprises.

Suekichiii: Twitter
h/t: [Kotaku]

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