Funny “Chat” Between The UK And EU Illustrates How Dumb Brexit ‘Demands’ Look

Brexit. Where do we even begin? In a 2016 referendum, the United Kingdom has decided to leave the European Union in hopes of saving money the country would no longer contribute to the EU budget and strengthening its sovereignty. However, the UK and the EU have been so close, they need to completely reshape their relationship if the UK wants to go back to living the bachelor life. But that hasn’t been going so well. Even though the UK and the EU negotiated their “divorce” deal in November 2018, it also has to be agreed by British members of parliament (MPs) – and they have so far voted against it. Quite a few times.

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To make the drama even juicier, the MPs recently voted by 312 to 308 to reject a no-deal Brexit under any circumstances. This vote, however, is not binding – under current law the UK could still leave without a deal on 29 March. But today they will vote once again, this time on whether to ask the EU for permission to delay the date for departure. And that’s where we are now. Sounds complicated? Well, it is. Luckily, someone created a short “chat history” between the UK and the EU that tries its best to explain their relationship in a simple way. Bonus, it makes the UK look like a whiny choosing beggar. The dialogue has already accumulated over 60k upvotes on reddit, so scroll down and enjoy!

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