Funny, Deceptive, and Clever Ways People Wrap Christmas Gifts

Imagine finding this under the Christmas tree! Redditor trevorda92 took this picture at his office Christmas party where they exchanged secret Santa gifts. The “body bag” contained a Christmas sweater. In this case, the joy of giving and/or receiving a gift is incidental to the drama of the gift wrap. Creative gift wrapping is an art form, as many people go above and beyond to make the concealment extra clever or even deceptive. Sometimes the presentation overshadows the gift itself.

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Redditor mowa111 tells us about some gifts his friend wrapped for his wife. The “lamp” on the left is actually a bottle of perfume, and the “chair” hides a sweater. The joke is definitely worth the effort. See a roundup of the strange ways people have wrapped Christmas gifts at Bored Panda. The 30 projects might give you soime inspiration for next year.

Source: neatorama

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