Fur-Ever Grateful Shelter Pooch Kisses Every Staff Member After Being Adopted

Every day, shelters welcome hundreds of betrayed little hearts who shiver in the corner and wonder what they did wrong. “You did nothing wrong, you are a good dog,” a kind shelter worker reassures them. “One day, your best friend will come, and they’ll take you to your forever home,” they promise. Jax, a wonderful shelter dog, was promised a forever home and he did get one. Hooray! But before leaving he gave every staff member a goodbye kiss for helping him. Such a good boy!

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Good boy Jax waited patiently in the shelter until he finally found his forever home

Image credits: Regina Humane Society

Shelter dogs have incredible depth to them. They come to shelter betrayed, hurt and confused – many of them have no reason to trust humans ever again.

However, dogs are such wonderful creatures, they dare to open their hearts to love again after they are shown love and care.

Second (or third, fourth, fifth…) chances are possible thanks to relentless shelter staff who battle the worst of humanity on a daily basis. They bring light back to their eyes, give them extra cuddles and treat their wounds and when the dogs are ready, they look for a perfect home for them.

Shelter workers deserve all the praise and, apparently, wet nose kisses, according to Jax, who said thank you to every staff member on his last day at the shelter.

However, Jax refused to leave the shelter without giving each staff member a goodbye kiss

Image credits: Regina Humane Society

Dogs are incredibly perceptive. They realize more than we think they do and can read human emotions.

Jax clearly understood how bittersweet that day felt – saying goodbye to a beloved friend who bonded with everyone is no easy task, but the joy that they experienced knowing that he found a forever home made it all worth it.

So, to say “thank you,” Jax walked around the room and said goodbye to every member off the staff, making their eyes water.

Goodbyes – even the happy ones – are ruff!

Image credits: Regina Humane Society

After saying goodbye to everyone, he finally embraced his new dad

Image credits: Regina Humane Society

Regina Humane Society director Bill Thorn shared his surprise: “When we all found out that he was going home, we all gathered in our front area to send him off. Little did we know he would stop at each staff member along the way and say his goodbyes.”

As soon as Jax saw his new owner, he happily approached him and even got a tasty treat for that. He tenderly leaned into the embrace and in that moment he knew he will be safe and loved. Forever.

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Working at the shelter is both physically and mentally draining, but the moment you see how both dog’s and new owner’s faces light up as soon as they see each other makes it worth it.

Image credits: Regina Humane Society

Jax still regularly visits the shelter, making the staff smile as they see how happy he is in his new family

Image credits: Regina Humane Society

Unfortunately, there are many wonderful dogs still waiting at the shelter

Image credits: Artem Maltsev

We all have the breeds we like the most – some of us love the energy of border collies or affection of golden retrievers. But it’s worth considering getting a shelter dog.

They might not seem as “pretty” and they won’t score ribbons at the dog shows, but it doesn’t make them any less worthy of love.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind dog, then definitely check out your local shelter. You’d be amazed how unique, beautiful and smart the doggies are.

Don’t be alarmed by the fact that the dog’s been waiting at the shelter for a long time – it doesn’t mean he’s bad. He’s just waiting for a special human and maybe that human is you?

Image credits: Margarita Kosior

They are ready to give all their love and will ask nothing in return

Image credits: Regina Humane Society

Shelter dogs are incredibly grateful. They cannot say “Thank you for saving me” but they will make sure that their owners know how much they appreciate them.

Dogs will protect you from evil vacuum cleaners or suspicious-looking plants; they will make sure you take a break from work to play; they improve your health by taking daily walks and every time you come back home they will happily greet you.

When life seems to be at its worst, remember that your dog is waiting for you and that to them, you are the best person in the world.

Image credits: Cynthia Smith

Having a dog makes life so much better

Image credits: Humphrey Muleba

We all know that amazing feeling of being chosen by a dog: out of everyone they come to you and let you pet them. Instant boost of serotonin.

Besides improving the mood, Harvard Medical School shared more pros of having a dog: easing stress, being more social and improving cardiovascular health.

So, if you’re in the right place, consider adopting a shelter dog. Or maybe you have one (or five) already? Share your stories in the comments bellow!

Facebook comments were full of well wishers for Jax and his new family

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