Furniture Design Student Work: Repurposing Discarded Dorm Furniture Components

While studying Furniture Design at the UK’s Oxford Brookes University, Christoph Kurzmann learned the school was refurbishing a number of dorms. Some 250 student bedrooms were to be demolished, and all of the furniture—intact though it was—was headed for landfill. Determined to preserve as much of the raw material as possible and incorporate it into new furniture, Kurzmann conceived of his Upscaling Upcycling project.

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“I saw this waste as inspiration – and a massive resource,” Kurzmann writes. “I wanted to up the image of upcyling, and encourage all designers to source materials from what they find around them.”

Kurzmann disassembled bedframes, repurposing them into stackable stools.

Bed slats became stacking chairs.

Drawer units became storage towers.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Here’s Kurzmann’s video on the project:

Source: core77

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