Galaxy Watch4 Classic Thom Browne Edition Introduces a Strapping Design

Galaxy Watch4 Classic Thom Browne Edition Introduces a Strapping Design

Noting functionality is key, but fashionability is also a requirement, Samsung has again partnered with American fashion designer Thom Browne to infuse a bit of panache to the latest Galaxy Watch4 with a limited edition Classic Thom Browne Edition. The same Browne-flourished Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 Thom Browne Editions sold out in 5 minutes, but one can still get their wrists into Galaxy Watch4 Classic Thom Browne Edition.

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It’s been a hot minute since Samsung launched the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Galaxy Z Fold3 – two newly refreshed expressions of the brand’s foldable screen devices that portend smartphones design hasn’t fully stagnated into a same-but-different category like SUVs. While these foldables are subjectively still fairly new technologies, their smartwatch counterparts have had a lot longer to marinate in both form and features, adding iterative developments annually at a steady drip versus the hose blast that often characterizes the competitive Android mobile platform. That is to say, smartwatches began as tethered sidekicks to phones, and they remain so today.

But smartwatches have also been quietly evolving into their own unique platform with utilities distinctive to their small screens and wearable operating system (and increasingly so independent of phones). Samsung’s approach has been to retain much of the watch-like form factor of their Android powered Galaxy Watch devices while continually squeezing in additional functionalities to monitor health, track fitness, and optimize productivity as has become par for the course in the wearable real.

To this effect, Samsung’s watches look like watches, retaining the telltale circular casing with classic chonky bezel denoting an intentional heft associated with heritage luxury wristwatches. With the latest Galaxy Watch4 Samsung has refreshed backgrounds, fonts and colors, but more importantly migrated these new watches to Wear OS, a version of Google’s Android operating system designed for smartwatches that opens the doors to many more apps previously unavailable to the earlier Tizen operating system powered devices. It deserves noting while compatible with Bluetooth-capable smartphones running Android 6.0 or higher, Samsung has optimized their own watch much like Apple has with their wearable to shine paired with their latest and greatest smartphones.

It’s often noted stripes never to ever go out of fashion, and Galaxy Watch4 Classic Thom Browne Edition’s red, white and blue striped embellishment successfully evokes equal parts its Americana-inspired aesthetic with a little bit of nautical luxury.

The new Galaxy Watch4 Classic Thom Browne Edition arrives with a 42mm case diameter made of stainless steel with Super AMOLED display, accessorized with three interchangeable straps and five preloaded Thom Browne watch faces that give this special edition its own distinctive air. Like it’s standard edition counterpart, there’s real-time ECG Monitoring, sleep monitoring, body composition monitoring, VO2 max readings, and activity tracking specific to favorite workouts.

The limited-edition device is available for $799.99 – $664.99 with a trade-in of a watch, phone or tablet – over at

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