'Game of Thrones' Contenders Can't Wait for Season 7 in These GIFs

Who will sit on the Iron Throne? That’s the pivotal question Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss and must answer over the next two seasons of depraved battles, shocking plot twists, and masterful visual effects. Will Daenerys Targaryen take power with fire? Will Cersei Lannister’s political machinations prevail? Will Jon Snow fall into the role of reluctant, benevolent monarch? Will the Night King’s ice cover Westeros for eternity? With the HBO juggernaut poised to return July 16, Tel-Aviv-based illustrator and animator Eran Mendel has boiled down the anticipation with his new series of animated GIFs.

Mendel concisely summarized each of Season 6’s major conflicts last year with brutal-yet-cute loops featuring his favorite characters. The new loops are a little different from his previous fare. “They are more detailed, mainly because they are more static and less animated,” Mendel tells Creators. “But for the series itself, I’m planning to come up with a more minimalistic style, hopefully even more simple than the original GIFs.”

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These GIFs, which you can check out below, aren’t the only product of Mendel ruminating on the series for 13 long months: he also has some theories. “I’m very curious about Cersei’s story,” he says. “But I think besides Daenerys and Tyrion, no one is safe.”

See more of Eran Mendel’s work on Vimeo. New episodes of Game of Thrones return July 16 on HBO.


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