“Garbage Whale” by Murmure Street in Vladivostok, Russia

For several months the French street artists duo Murmure Street have been developing their latest project : « Garb(age) » that will be revealed in their upcoming exhibition in Paris in 2020.

This series of works are based on poetical and the oniric twists of garbage bags. These bags are a symbol of our era and consumerism, that invades our everyday life and environment.

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Earlier this month, the street art duo was invited to the cultural festival V-Rox in Vladivostok (Russia) where they completed their first mural using this theme.
The mural titled « Garbage Whale » represent a garbage bag whale, a zoomorphic trash that serves as a reminder of the ecological disaster that is the « seventh continent » of plastic through the representation of this gracious and placid endangered animal.

This acrylic painting was completed with brushes in order to give a manual rendering where the brush stroke brings life to the mural.

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