Gargantuan Backpacks from Japan

At first glance, this backpack from Japanese bag brand CWF doesn’t look like much:

Then you see this photo, where the bag is actually in use on the left, compared to a regular backpack on the right:

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Yes, that there is a one-meter-tall backpack with a 180-liter capacity. The Backpacker’s Closet is reportedly large enough to hold an entire futon (the traditional foldable Japanese futon, that is, not the American grad student’s mattress of choice), and is also ideal for “bringing large numbers of items to the campsite,” according to Japanese retailer Plywood.

As visually absurd as these appear, I’d have been happy to use one of these when I was a city dweller making trips to the laundromat. And while I don’t know what the most common application is in Japan, the bags are apparently popular; all three colors are sold out.

The Backpacker’s Closet retails for ¥25,920 (USD $240).

Source: core77

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