Geekified Versions Of Classic Paintings

(The Birth Of Super Saiyan Goku by Kakit)

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Pop culture franchises are the new classics for people who live on the geeky side of life, but that doesn’t mean geeks are less sophisticated- because every geek I’ve ever met loves fine art just as much as the geeky stuff.

(“Marge With A Pearl Earring” by limpfish)

Artistically inclined fans like to create their own geeky renditions of classical masterpieces, but these nerdy interpretations are hard to do right and typically turn out looking less than heroic.

(Zelda’s Accolade by Missy Pena)

So we must show appreciation for those geekified renditions that actually look like they’re worthy of being called a “classic”, because they’re as rare as a really good sirloin steak.

(Kirby Inhales Waddle Dee by Sakkan)

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Source: neatorama

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