Genetic Algorithms May Propel Evolutionary Processes

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The laws of nature govern much of how the world works from the vast reaches of space to the tiniest particles that make up all living and non-living things. There are certain determined forces and factors that inevitably dictate why and how things are.

The question one might ask is "How did everything came to be if we assume that everything happened in a random manner?" Evolutionary biologists suggest that it was through the process of natural selection.

The process of natural selection winnowed the field. Moreover, it seems likely that nature somehow also found other shortcuts, ways to narrow down the vast space of possibilities to smaller, explorable subsets more likely to yield useful solutions.

These algorithms are tested in various iterations, continuously mutating, combining, and adding on features that would become beneficial to organisms.

Eventually, many repetitions of this process lead to a highly fit individual, or solution.

(Image credit: Ricardo Bessa/Quanta Magazine)

Source: neatorama

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