Genius Frog Came Up With Way To Draw In And Hunt Bugs Using This Tumblr User’s Driveway Lights

You’ve got to admit, animals, no matter big or small, are smart in their own special ways. While some tend to be more on the manipulative side with their trickery, others use their noggin because it makes their chances of survival that much better.

Now, what if I told you that the smart animal we’ll be referring to in this article is actually a frog? Yes. A tiny amphibian that, to many of us, looks pretty simple and basic as animals go isn’t all that simple or basic, as one Tumblr user has recently proven.

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He shared how a frog was taking advantage of technology in this one person’s driveway to draw in insects. And as an added bonus, he also got a hold of a picture of the adorable frog and the wholesome story behind it.

You’d be surprised how many animals are actually very smart when it comes to them getting food

Image credits: makgenry (not the actual photo)

So, an anonymous Tumblr user went to the social media website to share a short story of a frog that has been visiting his dad’s driveway during the night.

A Tumblr user shared a story of one smart frog that has been using his dad’s driveway lights to hunt bugs

Image credits: Lyondc

His dad has motion detectors with built-in cameras placed along his driveway to light up the way when pulling in during the night.

And, there’s also a friendly neighborhood frog that has managed to figure out that if it jumps right in front of the detectors, the light that turns on will attract bugs. And you know how much frogs love bugs!

The cameras also function as safeguards, like doorbell cams, that send a photo notification to the father’s smartphone if anyone’s been trespassing on his driveway.

So, whenever the frog leaps into sight of the detectors, the dad gets a picture. Over time, he has received a bunch of pictures and has subsequently grown very fond of the little critter. So much, in fact, that he now considers it his frog.

His dad wasn’t the only one who grew fond of the frog as another Tumblr user requested a picture

Image credits: Lyondc

Image credits: Lyondc

Needless to say, he enjoys getting frequent updates from his frog buddy that’s using his lights to make himself a feast of seemingly epic proportions when it comes to frogs and swarms of bugs.

Besides that, the dad is always extra (extra-extra) careful whenever he’s in the driveway and checks it before going out with his car or just walking around.

Another Tumblr user named goosegoblin took the initiative (as I believe anyone would have naturally wanted this to happen) and asked for a picture of the smart frog in action:

“Anon[ymous]. Please listen to me. I would not tell you this if it was not very important to me. PLEASE get me a picture of this frog.”

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And a picture he got—the frog illuminated on the driveway in its full glory, awaiting bugs to be eaten

Image credits: Lyondc

Another post continued the plea: “Anon[ymous]. where is the frog, anon. we need the frog anon.” And, at long last, the picture surfaced. He got a hold of the picture and posted it for the world to see with the caption “THE FROG.”

Sure enough, it’s a frog, chilling in the black and white night-mode photo taken by the driveway light camera. While it’s sitting on the driveway, one can see a faint outline of the garages and the corner of the car at the end of the driveway.

The story and the picture soon went viral on Tumblr, garnering almost 44,000 notes. It also found its way onto Imgur, where it got over 4,500 points and nearly 100,000 views.

People enjoyed this short story, with some being a bit upset the frog doesn’t have a name, since it’s so special to the dad, while others pointed out that one should never underestimate the intelligence of a frog. All in all, people were happy this wasn’t yet another bit of political news that has been overwhelming the world lately.

Here’s how people reacted to this short story

What are your thoughts on this? If you got to choose a name for a frog, what would it be? Let us know in the comment section below!


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