Genuine Career Choice: Roller Coaster Driver

Luna Park in Melbourne has a very old wooden roller coaster, the second oldest in the world that’s still operating. This roller coaster has been in contunous operation since 1912! In case you are now wondering, the oldest is Leap the Dips in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Anyway, the Great Scenic Railway has an employee on every ride, because they have to operate the brakes. That may sound strange, but it can be reassuring to know that the brake operator has some skin in the game, so to speak. To be an railway operator, you have to have stamina, a hearty sense of equilibrium, and you must undergo training. Tom Scott went to Melbourne to talk to the folks who run the Great Scenic Railway, and to take a ride himself. He seems to be having fun, which is in great contrast to his earlier roller coaster rides. Tom even made a video about his efforts to overcome his fear of roller coasters, only about six months ago. Looks like he has come a long way.

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Source: neatorama

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