German ID Studio's Killer Concept for a Desktop Meteorological Instrument

Fischer is a German company that manufactures handmade precision weather and climate measuring instruments. One of their product categories is the weather station, which combines a barometer, hygrometer and thermometer. These are pretty sober-looking instruments:

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They’ve got just a few where the designer(s) seemed to loosen up a little:

Perhaps seeking to break out of their stuffy aesthetic, at some point Fischer got together with German industrial design studio Jaeger.ID, which produced this fantastic concept for them:

The no-nonsense description on Jaeger.ID’s page reads:

“It is aimed to be used in modern living interior environment. A requirement during the development of the product design was the combination of technical features with a pleasing and innovative shape. Part of the development was the mechanical design of the individual components.

“To meet various customers taste, two different color variants have been worked out.”

Alas, as far as I can tell by scouring Fischer’s site, the Jaeger concept doesn’t seem to have gone into production. Which is a pity; I think a lot of folks who don’t like the scientific aesthetic of Fischer’s offerings would happily purchase one of these.

Source: core77

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