“Get A Lawyer Now”: Woman Shares How Her Ex And His GF Are Treating Her Like A Surrogate And Scaring Her

When Reddit goes all serious and tells you to immediately get a lawyer, you know that something’s up and things can go really bad. It’s like Instagram telling you to take a break from scrolling, Facebook not showing any ads, or Twitter suddenly being respectful of different points of view in a discussion. In other words, when that happens, things are about to go down.

Redditor Throwaway-twinmama, who lives on the East Coast, shared a very personal and frightening story with the AITA community, asking for advice on whether she was doing the right thing. The woman is pregnant with twins and the father, Joe, had gone back to his ex-girlfriend, Kim, already. However, both Joe and Kim want to be involved in the pregnancy, the birth process, and raising the kids.

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Only one problem—Kim is way too invested in the process. So much so that she wants one of the twins and it’s really scaring Throwaway-twinmama. The redditor called her out on it, but after she turned to Reddit for advice, things took an even darker turn. Check the full story out below, dear Pandas. It’s a wild one today.

A woman who’s pregnant with twins shared the bizarre and frightening way that her ex’s girlfriend has been acting

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Other internet users convinced the mother-to-be to seek legal help

Later on, the woman posted an update: her ex’s gf went berserk after she saw the story on Reddit

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Throwaway-twinmama’s story would have made pretty much anyone uneasy with how little Kim and Joe cared about her boundaries, treating the redditor as though she were a surrogate.

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The family situation was complicated as it was, but Kim made things even more difficult by constantly barraging the redditor with advice about her body, throwing a gender reveal party without inviting the mom-to-be, and implying that she wants one of the children.

We try not to judge people too much, but Kim scares the bejesus outta me and I can’t help but offer the same advice that the AITA community gave: get a lawyer. And that’s exactly what Throwaway-twinmama did. She also spoke about what’s happening to the police. So far, there’s nothing much that they can do.

The redditor’s even considering moving to a different state to make sure that a separate set of laws applies to her children and the kooky couple have less of a claim to them. But if you thought that Kim would sit quietly and wait for things to happen naturally, you were wrong. She actually went full-on rage mode, destroying the mom-to-be’s belongings.

After somebody sent Kim the link to the redditor’s post on the AITA subreddit, she went to the twin mom’s job. She then proceeded to damage her car, broke a lot of office windows, and scared the kids that the redditor works with.

Here’s what the members of the AITA community on Reddit have been saying

And here’s what people elsewhere on the internet said after reading the mind-boggling story

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What did you think of the story, dear Pandas? What would you do in Throwaway-twinmama’s complicated situation? Do you have any advice for people who might be in a similar situation? Share your thoughts and tips in the comment section below.

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