Get Decked Out For Geeky Summer Fun At The NeatoShop's Mega May Sale

Han and Wooks by Hillary White

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

You’ll want to look your best while you’re out doing fun stuff this summer, and even though tees aren’t the dressiest apparel they’re perfectly appropriate attire for those hot summer months.

So if you want to look sharp this summer and save some dough on some great new tees then you’ve gotta hit the NeatoShop’s FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING SALE by May 7th!

Summer is a great time to go out and have fun with your friends

DJ and Hobbs by SilverBaX

And an ideal time to hit the road and see the country

Roll Out by Vincent Trinidad

Just make sure you look both ways before you cross the road or travel back in time!

Chicken! by Alberto Arni

Summer is a time for parents to hang out with their kids

Wanna Play? by MannArt

A time for lonely folks to reflect upon their lives and consider coming out of their shells

Eggman and the Walrus by Aaron Morales

And a time for all the cool guys and gals to hang out and cause a scene

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

BAD by Raffiti

But mostly summer is a time for staying cool and having fun in the sun

Scooby-Surf! by Lallama

Just watch out for weird weather or your plans may be ruined by the downpour

Save the whales by Theduc

If the sky starts falling you can always head to the movies


There are some real doozies coming out this summer, starting with the return of this guy

I’m a Star Lord Version 2 by JP Perez

But try not to talk your friend’s ear off during the feature!

Beep Boop Bleep by JR CREATIVO

If movies aren’t your thing you can always dance the night away with a lover

Booty And The Beast by Mitch Ludwig

Or figure out how to become the head of an empire

Long Live The King by CJ Boucher Media

You can start by hitting the gym to get in fighting shape

Amazon Fitness by BazNet

Then you can consult with some evil masterminds to see how they rule their kingdoms

MCKY NOUS Variant by Nemons

Rise to power by the light of the moon

Rabbit Ears by Crumblin’ Cookie

And figure out a way to rock and rule forever!

I´ll be back by Retro Freak

But if conquest isn’t your thing you may want to just hang around gathering flies instead

Magical Chameleon by schwegel

Lounging around in front of the TV with a pizza

Love Triangle by Jasonyerface

Or chatting with your chums over ice cream

Pop’s of Riverdale by Velvetmusketeer

Because it’s good to keep your spirits high in the summer

Plague Poltergeist by nextodie

Embracing life to the fullest while the weather permits

Lust For Life by Anderson Green Devil

And devouring all the fun before the fall sweeps in and

Butts Jaws by Boggs Nicolas

What you wear says as much about you as how you act and what you do, so make sure you’re nothing but cool this summer by adding a NeatoShop t-shirt or two to your wardrobe.

The NeatoShop is home to thousands of geeky designs and we have the best print quality in the biz, so you’ll be able to wear your new favorite tee long after summer is over.

And if you buy a t-shirt now until May 7th you’ll receive FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on all orders! So head to the NeatoShop and gear up for less!

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