Getting Weird on the ‘Why Make?’ Podcast

Look, I know y’all are here for the posts by Suzo “the Saucy Indexer” Ellison and Megan. But if you aren’t totally sick of me and my voice, there’s a new podcast out there that might amuse you.

The Why Make? guys interviewed me last year for their podcast with high-end markers and artists. I am definitely the outlier when it comes to their guests. 

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In the podcast, we delve into my early days as a business boy. My first woodworking business? Making jewelry from bark I found in my neighbor’s mulch. Then selling it to the younger kids in the neighborhood. I also had a brief spat trying to counterfeit $100 bills that didn’t end well.

Luckily, I got some ethics installed in my redneck brain.

Listen to the podcast here.

And if you want to hear a really cool episode of Why Make? Check out this one with Michael Puryear.

— Christopher Schwarz


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