Ghosts in the Machine: Not What You Think It Is

The video Ghosts in the Machine starts out like an experimental art film. Then it appears to be a conspiracy theory-type video. Or is it a movie trailer? The video will be almost over before it becomes clear this is a recruitment video for the US military’s 4th Psychological Operations Group, or PSYOPS. Do you find it intriguing, repulsive, or just plain scary? PSYOPS is in charge of manipulating information for the benefit of America’s foreign policy goals, under the shadow of secrecy. That could mean anything from dropping leaflets over enemy territory to typing up press releases to designing internet memes. While we certainly don’t know all the things PSYOPS does, we know they did a bang-up job producing a recruitment video. If you’re a patriotic type who gets a kick out of manipulating people, you can find out more about the career opportunity here. Be warned that getting into the program is pretty competitive. -via Metafilter

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Source: neatorama

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