Giant Mayan Mask Found In Mexico

How did people ever wear this giant Mayan mask? Maybe the mask was just for display purposes. Imagine the heavy weight of actually trying it on! The 2,000-year-old mask, revealed at an archaeological site in Yucatan, Mexico, depicts the face of an unknown deity. The artifact was sculpted from stucco, a building material, as Live Science details: 

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The discovery was made in 2017 at the archaeological site of Ucanha, near the modern-day city of Motul, and since then researchers with Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) have worked painstakingly to restore it.

Stucco masks like this one “represent the faces of individuals with particular features that can be associated with deities or with characters of prominent social status,” INAH said in a statement.  

Image via Live Science

Source: neatorama

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