Girl Finds A Tile Tracker In Her Purse After A Night Out And Posts A Video Urging Women To Stay Safe

Women’s eyes often get caught on stories in the media concerning their safety. Thanks to social media channels, sharing experiences and raising awareness has become much easier and is available practically to anyone. So as the ‘bad guys’ are gradually coming up with new ways to compromise women’s security and safety, the ladies are growing strong.

A similar thing concerning safety and security happened to Sheridan Ellis, who shared her story of finding a Tile, a Bluetooth and a free app-based tracker, in her bag. This concerned her so much that she decided to share it with everyone and more than 1.1m million users on TikTok alone, and still counting, saw the video.

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Sheridan, a young woman from Texas, had an unpleasant incident that made her quite concerned about her and other women’s safety

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Sheridan Ellis, a 27 year old artist from Texas, has gone viral on her TikTok account after experiencing a strange incident that occurred after a night out for a friend’s birthday. Her message to everyone is pretty clear: beware of the contents of your bag.
On a Saturday night, Sheridan went out with a group of friends and although normally she doesn’t carry a purse, this time, she took a bag with her to carry decorations for the table.

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“I think it’s just smart for everyone to be aware. I wanted to share my story just so others can be aware—like a ‘keep in mind.’ Do women need to be on high alert? Sure, but I think that honestly, in this day and age, everyone needs to be to some extent. I shared in the video that I don’t often carry a purse (and I don’t because I lose things easily—oh, the irony). I included that bit of information because I know, for example, my mom doesn’t clean her purse out very often. I only had a few things in my purse that night and I knew everything that was in there. When I say ‘I cleaned it out’ I just meant I was taking everything out because I was throwing away the decorations we didn’t need anymore, etc. I know for a fact that there was not a Tile in my purse before I left for the night and unfortunately, as the night went on, I ended up with a Tile in my purse.”

After a night out, she discovered a Tile tracker device in her purse that got there mysteriously

Image credits: sheridanellis

At the end of the night, Sheridan decided to clean her purse out and was very puzzled to find a Tile device. The tiny electronic gadget is normally used to find missing items by attaching them to the Tile. It is a Bluetooth-enabled device that uses its free app to find missing things that are attached to it. A really useful helper for people who tend to lose things is now apparently turning into a possible security and safety concern for everyone, but especially for women. Sheridan is highlighting the fact that this could happen to anyone: “I know everyone is saying ‘hey girls, be careful!’ but unfortunately the reality is that this could happen to anyone! A kid’s backpack, gym bag, purse, etc. This doesn’t mean we should live in fear, it just means we should be aware!”

The unnerving experience encouraged Sheridan to share her story so that others would be aware of a possible security and privacy issue

The first thing Sheridan did was to check if it belonged to anyone at the dinner party and take out the battery, and that’s what she advises everyone watching the video to do. It has been viewed over 1.1m times and received many comments and concerns. She made the video to alert others and raise awareness, but she didn’t contact the police as she’s not sure when the Tile was placed in her bag and she doesn’t want to put the battery back in. The Texan used to use a similar Tile, but regardless, took the battery out and later, at home, she found the old one laying in the drawer. “Once I realized that it wasn’t mine, I did get that pit in my stomach feeling, but checked with everyone that I was with the night prior just to make sure.”

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She had not heard of any similar stories prior to sharing hers, but since the post has spread awareness, she has read a few comments with girls/moms saying they found a Tile in their bag as well. Many people were concerned about Sheridan and the incident that she went through. Some suggested contacting the police and tracking the mysterious stalker, while some reminded her that actually, beyond 200 ft, the Tile goes out of range. One of the comments pointed out that although other users were saying not to worry, the actual fact that someone intended to do such things is quite concerning.

Here you can check out the full video that Sheridan shared on her TikTok profile

@sheridanellisCheck your purses …🥴 ##fyp ##psa ##forwhatitsworth ##safety♬ good 4 u – Olivia Rodrigo

Video credits: sheridanellis

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“I am a full-time painter/artist right now and I am currently working on a mural in Dallas and there is a fire station next door and the firemen there will come talk to me and hang out while I paint sometimes. I shared what happened to the captain of the station and asked him what he suggested I do. He said they hear/see things like this all the time and to either flush it/throw it away or bring it to the station so he and the other firemen can have some fun waiting for whoever it is, haha. He said as long as I feel safe and know that I took the battery out before I got home, then there’s really no point in taking it to the police. We went to multiple places that night and I am not sure when the Tile was put in my purse.”

The bothersome episode received many comments not only supporting Sheridan and suggesting further steps, but also expressing great distress

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