Givenchy AR and VR Goggles by PDF Haus

Givenchy AR and VR Goggles by PDF Haus

The Korean affinity for luxury goods and technology is represented by two conceptual projects proposed by PDF Haus students – a design educational group that identifies itself as a form of “group study” (“We are not a design school”) – augmented and virtual reality eyewear conceived to solve the curse of unfashionable wearable technology.

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Jae Hyeon’s Givenchy x VR goggles offers a retro-futuristic, glamorous steampunk aesthetic. Envisioned in several combinations of colors and materials, the goggles are finished in a combination of leather, metal, and glass, with adjustable and flip-up lenses engineered to be worn both while experiencing the world enhanced by augmented/virtual reality or outside while navigating the world IRL.

Design student Se Hyun explores a sleeker and modern form factor for an imagined Givenchy-branded VR headpiece. Taking inspiration from the face of felines, the curvilinear eyepiece wraps entirely over the wearer’s eyes with a connecting band to secure the device around the head; the downward slanted front is designed to block out light and completely immerse the wearer into a virtual reality experience. Strangely, Hyun cites Givenchy’s past rottweilers and silk lace fashion lines as secondary inspiration for accessorizing the headgear, an attempt to glamorize what is often considered a goofy part of the VR experience, as nobody looks very cool immersed in virtual reality.

Source: design-milk

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