Glen Arbor's Annual Bed Parade

Many communities stage a Christmas parade to kick off the holiday season (see: Macy’s), but there’s an inherent problem with having one right after Thanksgiving. Everyone’s too tired and bloated to march, due to eating all that turkey, dressing, side dishes and pumpkin pie!

Glen Arbor, Michigan, took that idea and ran with it. The town’s Chamber of Commerce encourages everyone to come out and do their Christmas shopping on Black Friday wearing pajamas. Their parade begins in the morning, and features beds rolling down the street! One of the parade’s organizers says it’s hysterical. You can put wheels on a bed, but they often lose them before they get to the end of the parade, and end up being carried. So much for resting up after Thanksgiving. But it’s an annual traditional that Glen Arbor is proud of.

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Last year’s parade was canceled due to the pandemic, but it’s back on for 2021, beginning at 9AM Friday. -via Fark

Source: neatorama

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