Glorious Wisteria and Other Natural Phenomena Worth Traveling For

What you see above is a small portion of the Great Miracle Wisteria, which had been growing at Ashikaga Flower Park in Japan for 140 years. A wisteria vine can grow awfully big in that time! It’s only one of many wisteria vines of all colors that grow in the park. The best time to see wisteria is mid-April to mid-May, but other flowers worth seeing bloom in other months. Yet even in winter, Ashikaga Flower Park is quite popular, as they replace the blossoms with millions of festive lights. In fact, most of the Instagram pictures tagged with Ashikaga Flower Park show the winter lights.  

Would you rather see a murmuration of starlings in Denmark? Frozen lake bubbles in Alberta? Glow worms in Alabama? A moonbow in Zimbabwe? Smithsonian has a rundown of natural phenomena worth traveling for all over the world, for a vacation that will help you commune with nature. Although I might save you some money by reminding you that you can also see a moonbow at Cumberland Falls State Park in Kentucky.

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Source: neatorama

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