Glowing Jello and Other Visual Thanksgiving Recipes

If you’re joining relatives by Zoom for Thanksgiving this year, you’ll want to show off your cooking in the only way you can -by the way it looks. I was completely taken with this glowing dessert, and I’m sure your kinfolk would be too.

This isn’t a cheat, and it’s not an optical illusion — these are simply gin and tonic jellos made by adding gelatin to G&T and leaving them to set. So why are they glowing that fantastic ghostly color? The answer is that quinine (the bitter flavoring in tonic water) glows under UV fluorescent light. If you want to serve this to kids or teetotallers, it works just as well without the gin.

You’ll find the recipe for Fluorescent Jello at The Splendid Table. And you’ll find links to eight other recipes that will add visual flourish to your table, like cranberry lime pie, green deviled eggs, and ombré apple pie at Fast Company. -via Digg

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