Godzilla, Millenium Falcon just some of the insane sculptures this girl makes out of cardboards

Monami Ohno first started dabbling with cardboard more than six years ago when she had to make a sculpture of a guy baking pizza at the back of his motorcycle. After that stop-motion project, she continued to create more art out of her trusty cardboard – and she’s gotten way better since then.

The Japan-based artist has already created a fully-functional Ghostbusters backpack, an assault rifle, a full-scale saxophone, and two of Star Wars classic elements – the Millenium Falcon and R2D2. But she’s also made simple objects like a coffee cup and a beer can. Ohno admits to making mistakes in her sculptures and wasting more cardboard than actually using it – but that doesn’t make us feel any less impressed.

Talking about her cardboard project, Ohno says that the art material allows her to go back to days when there weren’t a great selection of toys and a piece of cardboard is what all most kids had to play with. “The only limit is our own imagination,” she concludes.

Who knew cardboard can actually create an amazing piece of art?


Source: designfaves.com

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