Godzilla vs. King Kong: Whose Poops Would Be Bigger?

This is really silly, but it’s what the internet was made for. The movie Godzilla vs. Kong is in theaters now, pitting the giant movie monsters against one another. Their ridiculous size makes them perfect for cinematic violence, but what about cleaning up after them? In other words, which would produce the most waste? Mental Floss turned to the experts: primate expert Dr. Cat Hobaiter and reptile researcher Dr. David A. Steen, who give us the poop, so to speak, on the closest real world analogies to the movie monsters. Then we can extrapolate to their movie size and determine a, uh, winner. Would you bet on King Kong or Godzilla to drop the bigger load in a typical day? Find out what Mental Floss has determined in a scientifically and mathematically sound (but still fictional) competition.

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Source: neatorama

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