Golden Snub Nosed Monkey

Meet the golden snub-nosed monkey, a now endangered species home to the mountainous forests of southwester China. Sadly, only 15,000 of the species remain. Thanks to deforestation and hunters taking their pelts for profits, their population has dwindled over the last 40 years. These monkeys exhibit unique characteristics:

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Among primates, golden snub-nosed monkeys exhibit some of the most unique behavioral characteristics. They are known to make 18 varying kinds of vocalizations, from joy and amazement to warnings and alarm. And females have even been known to nurse the young of others.

Moreover, their endangerment threatens a delicate ecosystem — their diet and resulting seed dispersal revitalizes the very forests where they live.

Now, experts estimate only 8,000 to 15,000 remain in the wild. Learn more about these remarkable creatures.

Image credit: Flickr/su neko

Source: neatorama

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