Good Design: Ten Examples of Great UX

What do laypeople consider “good design?” I’m not talking about the stuff MoMA sells at their store, I’m talking about the little everyday products and experiences we encounter. Here are ten examples that jumped out at me from a subReddit on the topic:

I love this, though it’s no surprise why we don’t see it often. Can you imagine trying to frame and install this?

The placement makes better sense than at eye level, though this ought have its own illumination.

Probably fake, but it would be great if this feature actually existed.

I have mixed feelings on this one. (It’s a hand sanitizer dispenser on a public bathroom door, if you can’t tell.) Could people smoothly operate this while exiting, or is it meant to be used with the door stationary, thus creating a bottleneck at the exit?

Admittedly this is no improvement at all, and is probably more onerous to store than the fold-flat sandwich board variety. But I’m tickled by the fact that it’s a banana, so sue me.

Mo’ potatoes, mo’ problems.

So smart. Everything from the low-cost pool noodle to the see-through portion for visibility.

I’ve always thought showers should have a mechanism like this: One feature to control water pressure, the other to set the exact temperature you like. This one appears to only monitor the temperature, but I still like it better than conventional shower controls.

Just smart.

Perfect for vertically-oriented outlets.

Do you have any favorite examples of good design/UX along the lines in these photos?

Source: core77

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