Google Search Has A New Feature Which Makes Searching Way Easier

Google Search users will finally be relieved as Google put a new trick up its search engine’s sleeve which makes searching way easier than it was. 

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Before, a person would put a search question on Google Search, and the search engine would then search the web to find the answer that the person is asking for. In some cases, aside from pulling up a massive list of search results, Google will also provide for the user a quick summary from one of the many results, and that is known as a “featured snippet”. The user, however, still has to find the exact text when he clicks on the site with the featured snippet.

It seems those days are gone, though.

Search Engine Land (via The Verge) has discovered that Google launched a new Search feature that highlights and scrolls down to text found in a featured snippet.


And now, when you click through to that webpage, you’ll be sent to the exact part of the page the snippet was taken from, and you’ll see the text from the snippet highlighted yellow…

Thanks, Google!

Source: neatorama

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