Google State Icons

Google Maps uses little icons to welcome you to a new state. Each one represents a stereotype or something the state is known for. Maine is a lobster, Montana is a cowboy, Iowa is the farmer from American Gothic, and Tennessee is Elvis. Some are hard to figure out- New Hampshire is a librarian, because the state is home to America’s first state library -I think. Georgia and North Carolina have the same default icon for some reason. Ohio’s icon above is an homage to Neil Armstrong, one of the many astronauts from the state.

There’s no confusion over what state you are entering when you see a Prince icon.

I was so glad to see Kentucky’s icon as a Kentucky Derby attendee instead of, say, Li’l Abner, despite the fact that most of those ladies with the big hats and mint juleps (strangely depicted as a champagne glass) fly in from out of state for the race. You can see the Google Maps icons for plenty of states at Instagram. -via Metafilter

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