Google’s Wireless ‘Pixel Buds’ Headphones Can Translate 40 Languages in Real Time

Google Pixel Buds Translator Device

Google recently held its Pixel 2 event in San Francisco and showed off the latest and greatest developments in their technology. It included products that are now typical of these grand displays, highlighting the newest edition of their Pixel 2 smartphone and the refinement of their intelligent speakers, Google Home. But that wasn’t all they talked about; Google also introduced the Pixel Buds, their version of wireless headphones. Similar to Apple’s AirPods, they also have a wireless charging case. There is one game-changing difference, however. The Pixel Buds function as a translator device that can interpret between 40 languages in real time (when connected to the internet).

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So, how does this happen? It sounds like a work of science fiction, but it’s now a reality thanks to the Google Assistant on the Pixel 2 phone. By tapping the right earpiece, simply ask Google to, “Help me speak Spanish.” Then, begin speaking in your regular language. The Pixel 2 speakers will output the phases in Spanish. When the other person answers, their reply will be translated and played through your Pixel Buds.

If this service works as flawlessly as it does in Google’s stage demonstration, it could completely alter the way in which we travel abroad. By making basic conversations easier to have, it would relieve a lot of the stress of staying in a foreign land; silly pantomiming would be a thing of the past.

The Google Pixel Buds are now available in the Google store with a shipping time of seven to eight weeks.

Google recently announced its new wireless headphones called Pixel Buds.

Google Pixel Buds Translator Device

Like Apple AirPods, they come with a charging case…

Google Wireless Headphones

… but these go beyond listening to music.

Google Pixel Buds Translator Device

With the help of Google Assistant, you can translate 40 languages in real time.

Google Wireless Headphones
Google Wireless Headphones

Watch a demo in the video below:

Google Pixel Buds: Website
h/t: [Engadet]

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