Google's Year in Search 2021

What people search for on the internet tells us a lot about the state of humankind. The year 2021 was crammed with topics people wanted more information about, as if we all started paying attention after a year of dealing with the pandemic. Much of it points to people trying to determine what’s important in life. However, there’s some fun stuff in there. “Bernie Sander’s mittens” was the top-searched meme in the US. There are some surprises, too. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who depends on Google to spell something right, but “How to pronounce Michael Jackson” is a little shocking.  

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Google has calculated the most searched-for terms for 2021 and has compiled the results. US results are here. You can also see a timeline of search trends over the course of 2021, which you can change to dig deeper into categories listed at the top. Click on the images to read more about a topic.  

Source: neatorama

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