Got Plant-Based Milk?

Impossible Foods is no longer just focused on creating alternative meat products. The company has recently announced at a press conference that they are planning on creating plant-based milk. That’s right. Artificial milk, and they will call it Impossible Milk.

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According to the company, it is not designed to be just another soy milk or nut-based milk alternative. Instead, it’s designed to function and behave just like the animal-derived cow’s milk.

In a demonstration from the company’s food lab, a researcher showed samples of Impossible Milk side by side [with] other plant-based milks like almond milk and soy milk, to show that the Impossible Milk looks much more like cow milk than the others. According to her, Impossible Milk is designed to be just as creamy as regular milk, and will not curdle in hot beverages like other plant-based milks will. She demonstrated this by mixing it in a cup of hot coffee, and it did not appear to curdle. Impossible Milk can also apparently be frothed just regular milk.


Impossible Milk is still very much in the development phase, and won’t be available for consumers any time soon.

More details about this over at Engadget.

What are your thoughts about this one?

(Image Credit: Impossible Foods/ Engadget)

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