Graffiti Artists Turn Chicago Skyway’s Viaducts Into Works Of Art

A group of graffiti artists banded together to turn Chicago Skyway’s Southern viaducts into wonderful artworks. The dirty, rusted support columns that feature pockmarked walls and glass-strewn sidewalks are now colorful walls filled with different graffiti art. 

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The Meeting of Styles, a traveling, international gathering of graffiti artists along with other artists from Colorado, Texas, and California took up the challenge of painting different murals in Chicago Skyway. Even though the artists involved in the project produced various art pieces, a similar style has emerged from the multiple works. According to Krase, one of the painters, “it’s just a matter of coincidence. We didn’t plan that. It’s just our own styles happen to be cohesive.”

Image credit: Maxwell Evans/Block Club Chicago

Source: neatorama

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