Graffiti battle on London’s streets

It often seems as if graffiti artists and city workers fall onto the opposite poles of the city universe. Their only overlap is on the city walls, where both parties witness the work of the other. Londoner street artist Mobstr decided one day to break the unwritten rules and talk to his antagonistic city worker, though keeping the safe anonymous distance that the city walls provide.

What’s interesting about this conversation is the little bit that sparkled Mobstr’s interest in the city worker behind the supervision of one particular wall in London. The city worker had a tendency to paint red over any graffiti that appeared on the wall below a certain line, while he would pressure wash anything written just above that line. After witnessing the results of such peculiar behavior for years, Mobstr decided to provoke the city worker, only to start a witty conversation between the two. Check out how their conversation went!

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