Grandkid Tells Some Stories About His Grandma And Thousands Of People On Tumblr Think She’s A Real Badass

People who have grandmothers know how awesome they are: they not only brought up your parents but helped raise you as well. They often sneak you a candy when your parents aren’t looking, they tell the wildest stories and give the best Christmas presents.

But there is another level of grandmas. Those who are almost like mythical creatures because they’re so mysterious and just ageless. Tumblr user clockwork-mockingbird shared what kind of an unbelievable person her grandmother is and sounds like she is a living legend.

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A Tumblr user made a post about their grandma and her life was and still is pretty crazy

Image credits: Annie Spratt (not the actual photo)

The story about the grandmother who is endearingly called ‘Mamaw’ was originally posted on Tumblr at the end of last year and was reposted not too long ago on Imgur. There it was viewed nearly 120k times and people were fascinated by this grandmother that seems immortal and fearless.

Sadly, there is a disclaimer that the poster wasn’t going to answer any questions so this story is all we will get. However, it is very impressive. So impressive to the point that you should be warned to take it with a pinch of salt.

Mamaw outlived her husbands and children, survived the Great Depression and cancer and possibly could be a tribe’s leader

The Tumblr user decided to talk about their Mamaw after they suddenly had the thought that she most probably is their family’s matriarch.

clockwork-mockingbird explained that not only is their grandma the head of the family, but she has a mysterious aura around her. They said that the family even got into a discussion about Mamaw’s glass eye and didn’t come to any conclusion. No one in the family, not even Mamaw herself, knows her age, just that she is over 90 years old.

After the first part of the story, someone wanted to know more and the original poster continued to reveal more details

What is more, she outlived her two husbands and three out of seven of her children. She survived cancer and the Great Depression. The Tumblr user isn’t sure which one, Mamaw’s dad or grandad, but one of them was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian and the family guesses that she could be the tribe’s leader.

Historically, women often were community leaders in Cherokee nation as they were seen as the life-givers and respected, so it wouldn’t be a stretch that this Mamaw could be the leader of the community.

On top of all that, she is kind of intimidating and knows how to stand up for people she cares about. In the post it is said that she once got involved in a conflict with her son’s bus driver and she didn’t even realize at the moment that she had a butcher’s knife in her hand. But at least the bus driver didn’t cause any more problems.

clockwork-mockingbird goes as far as to compare Mamaw to a cryptid because so many things have happened to her but she has always pulled through

Besides, she’s just overall an amazing person, judging from an episode that the grandkid remembered when she stood up for a female cousin’s wife

This Mamaw is almost like a cryptid because she seems so out of this world. Nonetheless, few could argue that she isn’t a wonderful person.

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The user clockwork-mockingbird remembered a Thanksgiving dinner when Mamaw stood up with a passion for a cousin’s wife when another person in the dinner expressed their disgust towards her.

The mysterious aura is strengthened when it is said that it looks like Mamaw doesn’t age and her hair, in her 90s, is still black without her coloring it

Another mystic thing about her is that it seems that she doesn’t age at all. According to clockwork-mockingbird, their grandma’s hair is still black, though she doesn’t dye it and even her kids are already gray-headed. In the poster’s eyes, grandma looks exactly as she did when they were younger.

This strong lady survived COVID-19 and went to call anti-mask family members idiots

Image credits: clockwork-mockingbird

Unfortunately, Mamaw got COVID-19 and the doctors didn’t have any good news. They thought that because of grandma’s age and a severe case of the disease, she wouldn’t make it. Sike! Not only did she get better, but she had enough energy to complain that she would miss her wrestling shows while she was in the hospital.

At this point you could say she is immortal as she completely recovered and survived to tell the story. And of course, Mamaw wouldn’t be Mamaw if she didn’t call the family, but it wasn’t to say she was fine. She called the anti-maskers to call them idiots.

This grandmother is surely worth respect. She is a real daredevil and has gone through an eventful life. Plus, she still has a way to go. But what do you have to say about this story? Leave your reactions in the comments!

People are fascinated by this grandmother who could easily be compared to an unbeatable movie character

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