Grandma And ‘Stranger’ Are Going To Share 4th Thanksgiving Together After She Accidentally Sent Him An Invitation

Thanksgiving is a day that should be spent in the company of family members, close friends, and loved ones. It’s a day that helps all of us come together, give thanks, and eat loads of delicious food (could you please pass the yams?). Sometimes, Thanksgiving is a holiday that forges new and unexpected relationships. Like in the case of 62-year-old Wanda Dench and 20-year-old Jamal Hinton.

This will be the fourth Thanksgiving that the two families will spend together, all because of an accidental text message sent out back in 2016 that brought complete strangers together.

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This heartwarming story is sure to make you smile and might even make you want to use the holiday as an excuse to share your delicious turkey with people in your community whom you’d love to get to know better.

4 years ago, Dench sent a text message to Hinton by accident, inviting him to Thanksgiving dinner

Here’s Justin, the real grandson, as well as his girlfriend Amanda

And Jamal actually went to go grab that plate

4 years ago, Dench thought she sent out a text message, inviting her grandson to a filling Thanksgiving meal. However, she sent the message to a wrong number, belonging to Hinton, who was 17 years old and a high school senior in Phoenix, Arizona, at the time.

After exchanging selfies to confirm that they, in fact, did not know each other, Hinton wondered if he could drop by for a spot of Thanksgiving food anyway. Being the amazing person that she is, Dench said of course he could come: “That’s what grandmas do … feed everyone.”

Since then, the two have become fast friends and honorary grandson and grandmother. According to Dench, it’s good to remember Thanksgiving traditions “and see there are still good people out there.” Dench has extended Hinton an open invitation to join her family for Thanksgiving dinner for all Thanksgivings to come, so see you again this time next year, folks!

Let us know what your Thanksgiving plans are in the comments below. I personally am planning on getting some baked potatoes, some cranberry sauce, and a bit of turkey, and watching some cozy TV shows tonight. Unless one of you wants to invite me to your home for Thanksgiving dinner.

Since the first shared meal together 4 years ago, Dench and Hinton have met for Thanksgiving every year!

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Dench and Hinton also meet up outside of the Thanksgiving dining room

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Hinton confirmed that he will spend Thanksgiving 2019 with his honorary grandma

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Here’s what people are saying about this lovely tradition


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