Graphic street art illusions give perspective to reality

Street art is a fantastic platform for artists to express their thoughts in a guerrilla format and ‘force’ the world to see their work – good or bad. Aakash Nihalani’s street art puts reality into perspective for the passer-by. We can get caught up in life’s routine, and this art throws our predictable world a fun curveball by presenting interesting geometric shapes in an illusion-based design.

Nihalani’s public works create spaces within spaces making the viewer feel like they are inside of a video game. There are boxes sunken into walls leaking a two-dimensional liquid and Mario-like platforms that look like you can leap onto them.

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If you like Nihalani’s street art be sure to also check out his ‘gallery art’ below!





"Field" by Aakash Nihalani

"Field" by Aakash Nihalani



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