Great Industrial Design Student Work: A Monomaterial Compliant-Mechanism Scale

While studying Industrial Design at ECAL, Theodore Simon produced this Lari scale as his diploma project. While scales typically contain several different materials and parts, from the weighing surface to the spring to the dial and the indicator, Simon devised a way to make his monomaterial, and made from just two parts.

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“During my previous studies in micro-engineering, my curiosity for the technical nature of production was sharpened, particularly towards the elasticity of different materials. Lari stems from research on compliant mechanisms which make use of that elasticity to provide motion, thus reducing the number of parts, simplifying production and facilitating recycling.”

“This kitchen scale, entirely made of plastic, consists of two parts. The item to be weighed is disposed on the tray which is linked to the base by two flexible parallel beams. This allows the tray to remain level. The other part is a flexible indicator actuated by the movement of the tray which allows calibration to zero by sliding in the base.”

Now graduated, Simon’s got his ID Bachelor’s, but it looks like no one’s snapped him up at press time. If you’re hiring, he’s based in Geneva.

Source: core77

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