Great Industrial Design Student Work: A Portable Pendant Lamp

This Vespertine Lamp is by Max Hausmann and Tim Schuetze, who are Industrial Design classmates at Berlin’s University of the Arts.

“From sunset to dawn, artificial light sources illuminate our lives. As soon as the daylight fades, we look for places that are illuminated. And even though artificial light is our constant companion, we go from light source to light source instead of taking our light with us.”

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“Vespertine combines the archetype of the familiar ceiling lamp with mobile lighting technology. Hanging from the ceiling as a pendant light, Vespertine charges the integrated batteries for mobile use. With a simple motion, the magnetic plug releases and Vespertine becomes a portable light source for activities beyond the daylight, curating lighting moods both indoors and outdoors.”


I could see this being particularly useful in a tiny house situation, where you’re looking to conserve resources and do more with less.

Source: core77

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