Great Inspiration for Industrial Design Students: Basketclub

Product designers Adrianus Kundert and Jamie Wolfond graduated from Eindhoven and RISD, respectively, and are based in Rotterdam and NYC, respectively. But the two managed to link up online to form Basketclub, a collective of designers that share their passion for all things woven.

Each month Kundert and Wolfond post a single emoji to the Basketclub Instagram account:

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

That emoji signifies the theme of the month. Basketclub’s members then submit their creations, and the variety is fantastic:

This would be a great ID school assignment. The materials and production methods are simple and affordable, but as we can see above there’s plenty of room for variety, interpretation and innovation.

The Basketclub Instagram, whose archives stretch all the way back to the beginning of the pandemic, is well worth clicking through. Within their spread of monthly theme changes, I guarantee you’ll come across some objects and forms that you didn’t realize could be achieved through weaving.

Source: core77

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