Grid by APOLLO Architects & Associates

Grid by APOLLO Architects & Associates

Grid is a minimal residence located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by APOLLO Architects & Associates. The client, an avid art collector, wanted a new home with museum-like qualities that would take advantage of his collection. While the neighborhood surrounding the site is quiet, the architects still wanted to keep noise to a minimum; as a result the architects proposed a single-story reinforced concrete structure.

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Similar to the exterior, the interior features a monochromatic color scheme that serves as a good backdrop for artwork. The building and finishing materials were carefully selected and kept to a minimum, giving the spaces an austere atmosphere. The layout is extremely simple, with a family room in the center, a courtyard adjacent to that, and a master bedroom, children’s room, and hobby room occupying the wings on either side of the courtyard.

While this symmetry gives the house a Western-style formality, the design also disrupts the symmetry by including steps and a private courtyard on only one side. The family room facing the courtyard has a high ceiling and clerestory windows that run on the north and south sides. The natural light that pours through these windows is partially blocked by eaves that extend out 1.8 meters and have thin outer edges that give the building a light, floating feeling.

Photography by Masao Nishikawa

Source: design-milk

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