Grid Corrections: Timelapse of aerial shots reveal Earth’s grid system

All those maps you were conditioned to believe were a real depictions of the face of our planet are heavily distorted. That is pretty well-known (the realization still shocks me to this day). Dutch photographer and filmmaker Gerco de Ruijter is out with a neat short film called, “Grid Corrections, that depicts how the roadways of the United States are laid out in reference to the real-life grid system of the Earth.

The aerial shots, when overlaid onto one another and converted into a time-lapse, result in a flip-book style animation with curvatures of roads morphing in and out of each other. The short film was screened at the Grasnapolsky music festival earlier this year (February 2 – 4) in the town of Radio Kootwijk, The Netherlands.

Click here to view the embedded video.



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