Gross, but Better UX: Microbiome Testing Wipes

I just read this medical study that contained the phrase “stool transfer.” It gets better:

“In this study, we introduce and validate a novel, wipe-based approach to fecal sample collection and stabilization for metagenomics analysis.”

So basically, microbiome health is important, all of us should know what’s going on in our guts. So why don’t we? Because “current gut health testing protocols and sample collection are complicated and not user-friendly,” according to medical testing company Thorne HealthTech. Thus the company is producing a new Gut Health Test kit that “makes stool sample collection convenient and simple, improving the user experience.” You don’t have to poop into a jar; it’s a novel wipe-based test.

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Abstract image for the cover art is probably the right choice

The kit comes with a glove—so you can really get in there, I assume—a biodegradable polymer wipe in testing solution, and a convenient wipe container. (You have to send the wipe container in for testing, but you get to keep the glove!)

The study says the new system works well. “The Microbiome Wipe showed increased efficacy compared to traditional stool collection methods.”

I’d like to see video proof, but puzzlingly there’s no demonstration video available.

Source: core77

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