Group Show in Turkey Aims to Turn a Gallery into a Non-social Non-space

Felix Luque & Inigo Bilbao, Memorylane. Images courtesy the artist

An assortment of enthralling video installations explore representations of nature and the reconstruction of space through ‘new media,’ including projection and 3D scanning. The Nonspaces group exhibition at the Akbank Sanat arts center in Istanbul features a number of diverse digital artworks that imagine abstract landscapes of natural and artificial space. Some of the featured artists include duo Semiconductor, Spanish artists Felix Luque and Iñigo Bilbao, and digital studio Onoformative.

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Field, Alpine

The Nonspaces show takes inspiration from French anthropologist and philosopher Marc Auge and his concept of ‘non-places’ spelled out in titular book and essay, Non-Places: Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity. In it, Auge describes how, in western society, we spend an increasing amount of time in transitory places like airports, supermarkets, and highways, places that might create the illusion of fellowship and commonality but actually confine the individual to a state of anonymous solitude. The artworks in the exhibition explore how these non-spaces can be created through new media, and how they influence our perception and awareness of space, identity, and nature.

İdil İlkin, Lightboxes

The title of the exhibition refers not only to the artworks in the show but the gallery space itself. According to the show’s description, the art center “lets us conceive and experience space in a non-physical, non-social, nontraditional way: as a non-space.” Akbank Sanat argues, “Art has always been obsessed with the representation of the world; but representations that new media creates are much more befitting our super modern existence, underlining the novels ways that we relate to our world.” Curator-couple Ceren and Irmak Arkman hope to create place that is both novel and familiar to the viewer, “a comforting limbo that lets us be somewhere else alone with ourselves.” Check out some more works from the show below:

Ryoichi Kurokawa, Rheo

Onformative, Collide

Semiconductor, Black Rain

Semiconductor, Catching The Light

Sougwen Chung, Chiaroscuro

Youki Hirakawa, Vanished Tree

The Nonspaces show is on at the Akbank Sanat contemporary arts center in Istanbul from now until March 4th. Learn more about the exhibition on the center’s website.


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